This paper presents a series of investigations performed at the Hermann Fo¨ttinger Institute of TU Berlin. The initial scope of the investigations was the identification of Active Flow Control (AFC) solutions with significant implementation potential on wind turbine rotors. Several Active Flow Control solutions were thoroughly investigated based on extensive literature research. The performance of all the investigated solutions was ranked according to objective performance criteria and then the best performing solutions were selected for further numerical and experimental investigation. The selected Active Flow Control solutions were experimentally investigated with steady state wind tunnel measurements as well as steady state CFD simulations. The results of these investigations and the potential of each AFC solution are presented and discussed. The steady state tests were followed by a dynamic wind tunnel test campaign where the performance of one AFC solution (active Gurney flap) on a pitching test wing was investigated. The results of the static and dynamic investigations were very positive and proved the large load reduction potential of AFC on wind turbines.

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