A numerical study is presented on the unsteady flow at the tongue region of a single suction volute-type centrifugal pump with a specific speed of 0.46. The flow through the pump, available at laboratory, was simulated by means of a commercial CFD software that solved the Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes equations for three-dimensional unsteady flow (3D-URANS). A sensitivity analysis of the numerical model was carried out and the numerical predictions were compared with previous experimental results of both global and unsteady variables. Once validated, the model was used to study the flow pulsations associated to the interaction between the impeller blades and the volute tongue as a function of the flow rate, from partial load to overload. The study allowed relating the passage of the impeller blades with the tangential and radial velocity pulsations at some reference positions and with the pressure pulsations at the tongue region.

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