The process of reverse designing of gas turbine based on thermodynamic relations has been studied in this paper. Reverse designing is the process of perceiving and recognizing technical principles of a system through its structure and performance. This designing has been carried out by mathematics and thermodynamic relations. The height and the exit angle of the fluid obtained from the rotor blade and gas turbine nozzle, has been optimized in comparison with existing sample and the result from this optimizing, is increasing the gas turbine power and output. The entire processes of designing, is carried out by a software code written in Matlab, and the results of thermodynamic analysis are obtained in the form of pressure distribution, velocity and temperature. The optimized profiles of different stages of turbines are illustrated in the software output. The results from designed process, has an acceptable conformity with existing gas turbine in power station industries. These results can be used for upgrading the turbine efficiency and consequently for increasing the power station efficiency.

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