The technical feasibility of off-shore wind energy in the Philippines is assessed. Geographic information system is utilized to integrate the different technical data into a single model. Off-shore wind speed data for five years at elevations 10m, 20m, 80m, and 100m from a local database was used as reference for the wind resource study. Two wind turbines were considered for the energy conversion component, Siemens SWT-3.6-120 and Senvion 6.2 M126. The wind speed data was interpolated to 90m and 95m using standard power law to match the hub heights of the turbines studied. The wind power density, wind power, and annual energy production were calculated from the interpolated wind speeds. Areas in the Philippines with capacity factor greater than 30% and performance greater than 10% were considered technically viable. Exclusion criteria were applied to narrow down the potential siting for offshore wind farms, namely, active submerged cables, local ferry routes, marine protected areas, reefs, oil and gas extraction areas, bathymetry, distance to grid, typhoons, and earthquakes. Several sites were determined to be viable with north of Cagayan having the highest capacity factor. The highest wind capacity factor for the offshore wind farms are located in north of Ilocos Norte (SWT-3.6-120: 54.48%–62.60%; 6.2M126: 54.04%–64.79%), north of Occidental Mindoro (SWT-3.6-120: 46.81%–60.92%; 6.2M126: 45.30%–62.60%) and southeast of Oriental Mindoro (SWT-3.6-120: 45.60%–59.52%; 6.2M126: 45.30%–62.60%). However, these sites are not acceptable due to technical, social, and political constraints. The constraints considered in the study are active submerged cables with a buffer of 5 km, local ferry routes with a buffer of 3km, marine protected areas with a buffer 3 km, reefs with a buffer of 3 km, oil and gas extraction areas with a buffer of 5 km, bathymetry less than 50m, distance to grid of within 120 km, historical typhoon tracks with greater than 250 kph and 50 km buffer, and historical earthquakes with greater than 6.5 magnitude with a buffer of 15 km. Upon application of these exclusion criteria, the potential sites for offshore wind farms are north of Cagayan, west of Rizal, north of Camarines Sur, north of Samar, southwest of Masbate, Dinagat Island, Guimaras, and northeast of Palawan.

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