This paper investigates the design of an output feedback linear parameter-varying (LPV) gain-scheduled controller for the speed regulation of a surface permanent magnet synchronous motor (SPMSM). Motor dynamics is defined in the stationary reference (α – β) frame and a parameter-varying model formulation is provided to describe the SPMSM nonlinear dynamics. In this context, a robust gain-scheduled LPV output-feedback dynamic controller is designed to satisfy the asymptotic stability of the closed-loop system and meet desired performance requirements, and guarantee robustness against norm-bounded uncertainties and disturbances. The real-time impact of temperature variation on the winding resistance and magnet flux during motor operations are considered in the LPV modelling and the subsequent control design to address demagnetization effects in the motor response. The controller synthesis conditions are formulated in a convex linear matrix inequality (LMI) constraint framework. Finally, the validity of the proposed control strategy is assessed in simulation studies, and the results are compared to the results of the conventional field-oriented control (FOC) method. The results of the simulation demonstrate that the proposed controller provides improved transient response with respect to settling time, overshoot, and disturbance rejection in tracking the velocity profile under the influence of parameter and temperature variations and disturbances.

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