Battery temperature has large impact on battery power capability and battery life time. In Hybrid Electric Heavy-duty trucks (HEVs), the high-voltage battery is normally equipped with an active Battery Thermal Management System (BTMS) guaranteeing a desired battery life time. Since the BTMS can consume a substantial amount of energy, this paper aims at integrating the Energy Management Strategy (EMS) and BTMS to minimize the overall operational cost of the truck (considering diesel fuel cost and battery life time cost). The proposed on-line strategy makes use of the Equivalent Consumption Minimization Strategy (ECMS) along with a physics-based approach to optimize both the power split (between the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and the Motor Generator (MG)) and the BTMS’s operation. The strategy also utilizes a quasi-static battery cycle-life model taking into account the effects of battery power and battery temperature on the battery capacity loss. Simulation results present an appropriate strategy for EMS and BTMS integration, and demonstrate the trade-off between the total vehicle fuel consumption and the battery life time.

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