In this paper, a single-moving-part planar positioner with 6 coils is designed and implemented. A concentrated-field permanent-magnet matrix is employed as the stationary part. The moving platen has a compact size (185.4 mm × 157.9 mm), light mass (0.64 kg) and low center of mass. The moving platen carries three planar-motor armatures with two phases per motor. Force calculation is based on the Lorentz force law and conducted by volume integration. In order to deal with the nonlinearity due to trigonometric terms in the force-current relation, modified PID (proportional-integral-derivative) and lead-and-PI controllers are designed with computed currents to close the control loop and obtain the desired performances. Experimental results verify the commutation law and the force calculation. The new design with only 6 coils allows for simplification of the control algorithm and reduced power consumption of the positioner. The maximum travel ranges in x, y, and the rotation about the vertical axis are 15.24 cm, 20.32 cm, and 12.03°, respectively. The positioning resolution in x and y is 8 μm with the root-mean-square (rms) position noise of 6 μm. The positioning resolution in rotations about the vertical axis is 100 μrad.

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