There is a clear unmet need to provide alternative, first-line solutions for both obstructive sleep apnea and primary snoring. A novel myofunctional therapy nozzle that delivers therapy through drinking water provides a low risk, low burden, and affordable solution that can easily be administered to primary snorers and obstructive sleep apnea patients to reduce the overall harm from these conditions. A prototype myofunctional therapy nozzle and water bottle were developed and used to conduct a product usability study over the summer of 2020 to assess likeability, one-month adherence, and snoring improvement. 37 participants participated in the study and completed one month of device use. 27 participants were included in the snoring analysis and 35 participants in the tiredness analysis.

The one-month assessment has shown 88% adherence, the overall satisfaction of the product was 80% measured by CSAT, 93% have reported subjective improvements in reducing snoring intensity, occurrence, and/or impact, and 34% of participants reported improvements in tiredness. Bedpartner reported median snoring intensity decreased from somewhat loud to soft or quiet, overall snoring occurrence decreased, and median snoring impact reduced from moderately to a little bit after one month of device use. Preliminary results are promising and warrant further investigation.

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