Users of body-driven prostheses often abandon their prostheses due to overexertion of their shoulders and a lack of features. The aim of this study was thus to design an electromechanical hand prosthesis that meets the functional and grasping requirements of prosthesis users.

To this end, the Self-Actuated Tenim Hand (SATH), a functional electromechanically actuated prosthesis, was developed. The SATH, based on the novel body-driven Tenim Hand, incorporated design refinements that improved on its predecessor’s grasping capabilities. An electromechanical actuator and a wrist supination and pronation mechanism were integrated into the SATH thereby improving its functional capabilities.

The Anthropomorphic Hand Assessment Protocol (AHAP) was used as a design validation tool to assess the functional capabilities of the SATH. The SATH performed satisfactorily in AHAP and achieved results that are comparable to scores obtained by a more advanced prosthesis.

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