Medical compression garments are used to treat lymphatic disorders or conditions of poor venous return (e.g. orthostatic intolerance). Conventional compression garments, namely elastic compression sleeves and inflatable compression systems, may aid in relief of these conditions but are also limited in usability. Fixed levels of compression in elastic materials may induce challenges in donning/doffing, complicating patient compliance [1]. Compression levels in inflatable systems are customizable, but these garments are also bulky and require a tethered inflation source [2]. We are interested in developing easy-to-don/-doff compression garments using shape memory alloy (SMA) coil actuators that contract with heat from an applied current which can be wrapped around the body to apply compressive forces. More specifically, we use a spring coil formation as described by Holschuh et al. [3]. Further developed in the Wearable Technology Lab at the University of Minnesota, our current SMA compression garment (SMA-CG) design improves upon the work of Duvall et al. [4] presented in previous year’s (2017) Design of Medical Devices Conference, representing a year’s evolution in active compression garment design that integrate actuators made with SMA.

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