Surface registration is a necessary step and widely used in medical image-aided surgery. It’s relevance to medical imaging is that there is much useful anatomical information in the form of collected surface points which originate from complimentary modalities. In this study, the kinematic relations between two point clouds with different coordinate definitions have been generated. Using Influence Method of surface modeling for extracting point clouds functions, the transformation matrix would be resulted. The proposed method was applied for an experimental femur data points (651 points) using the MRI images. These data points were transformed in a 30 degrees flexion of knee. This transformation contains [0,−9.5, 1] degrees for yaw, pitch and roll rotation and [−3, 14,−13] translation. The related results shows [0, 9.3, 0.95] degrees for rotation and [−2.85, 14.11,−13.07] translation.

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