Many trauma related surgical procedures cannot ethically be practiced by medical students or inexperienced doctors. Therefore, medical simulators that provide high anatomical and procedural fidelity are used. One of the most important things to monitor during such a procedure is the vital signs of the patient. One procedure for which this is important is a cricothyroidotomy, in which an incision through the skin and cricothyroid membrane is made to secure a patient’s airway during certain emergency situations in which an airway obstruction is present. The amount of cases per doctor is further amplified in many developing countries, with many of these clinicians not being able to practice before being in the real-life situation, partially due to the high cost of current simulators. Therefore, a low-cost cricothyroidotomy simulator with a live feedback system that tells the clinician the vital signs of the patient that they would be monitoring in such a situation that includes heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, oxygen content, and ECG was developed.

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